Fine Property Sales

New Beginnings

When Bill and I started working with Fathom Realty in January, we knew we would have to build many elements of our business from the ground up. That journey has made clear that parts of our business needed an upgrade. It also seemed like a great time to ask the question “How do we present ourselves?” and “How does our image best meet the needs of our clients?”

First order of business;  a new website. We had a website, just a sort of old-fashioned one. We needed to have all the cool, up-to-date bells and whistles; we needed functionality.

After a lot of research, we decided to work with a company that specialized in real estate websites, and the fun began. We have had new pictures taken, reviewed old portfolios, and tried to figure out what will most help our clients in their buying and selling process.

The Lohr team has evolved into a multiplatform business. We sell homes. Sometimes this means entry-level homes for first time home buyers. Sometimes this means very specific properties for professional horse businesses, and sometimes it means weekend homes or luxury estates.

How do we present all of these properties under one umbrella? We hope our new website helps you, and all our friends and clients, answer that question. Let us know what you think!