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5 Reasons Why Moving to Fairfax, VA is the Best Option for You

Main Entrance of Fairfax City Hall in Downtown Fairfax, VA

  • We owe it to a titled English nobleman named Lord Thomas Fairfax for the county and city’s moniker. Lord Fairfax settled in Virginia and befriended a teenage George Washington. The two remained friends despite tensions of the American Revolution up to his death.
  • The city used to be known as the sleepy Town of Providence until its dairy industry transformed it into an exciting hub for commerce in the late 19th century. By 1874, it became known as the Town of Fairfax.
  • Fairfax was officially incorporated as a city in 1961. In line with this, schools were put into place, residents were provided more and better services, and a new downtown historic district was created.
  • Today, the city of Fairfax offers a laidback, small-town atmosphere boasting unmatched educational opportunities, high quality of life, and many amazing destinations.
  • Government jobs and other employment opportunities are aplenty, considering its proximity to the D.C. area.
  • There is much to do in Fairfax. You can go back in time by visiting various historical sites and museums here, enjoy a world of flavors brought by Fairfax’s numerous dining spots or bring the family along for some nature appreciation and sun-worshipping in its beaches and parks.
  • Explore Fairfax’s downtown area and take part in the city’s festivities, indulge in sumptuous gastronomic delights, and learn more about the city’s rich history.
  • Looking for a home in Fairfax, VA? You will be spoilt for choice with the numerous properties available in a variety of elegant architectural styles including colonial, split-level, ranch, contemporary, and more.

Fairfax is a city in the Commonwealth of Virginia, covering roughly six square miles. Also known as “Central Fairfax,” “Historic Fairfax,” and “Downtown Fairfax,” the city and the area immediately surrounding its historical border comprise the county seat of Fairfax County.

History of Fairfax, VA

Fairfax County and the city of Fairfax are named after Thomas Fairfax, the Sixth Lord Fairfax, who was granted over five million acres of land in northern Virginia in 1719.

The city started out as a community known as the Town of Providence in 1805. It was established around the Fairfax County Courthouse, which was built in 1800 at the corner of Ox Road and Little River Turnpike.

Once a crossroads of conflict during the Civil War, the area transitioned into a hub for commerce in the late 19hcentury. Its booming dairy industry bolstered the area’s economy, ushering in the construction of homes, schools, churches, barns and different businesses. The Town of Providence eventually became the Town of Fairfax in 1874 after Culpeper changed its name from Fairfax.

The Town of Fairfax was officially incorporated as a city in 1961, and its City Hall was completed a year after. The independent city constructed several schools, created a new downtown historic district, established a new bus service, and provided more services to residents.

Fairfax County. The prettiest town in Virginia.

The Fairfax Lifestyle

Today, the city of Fairfax offers a laidback, small-town atmosphere along with a myriad of unique cultural and recreational destinations right in the heart of the capital’s bustling metropolitan area.

The city is known as one of the finest college towns in the country, which is why it has that youthful, energetic vibe which students often bring to any community.

With Fairfax just right outside the Washington D.C. beltway, residents also enjoy all of the perks of D.C. living at a more affordable cost. Combine this with top-notch city amenities, and you get a place that offers an unparalleled quality of life, where each day is extraordinary.

If you’re still thinking about looking for Fairfax homes for sale here are five reasons why Fairfax, VA is the perfect city for you:

  1. Unmatched Educational Opportunities

    Fairfax, VA is known for offering top-quality education. Here’s a look at some of the prestigious educational institutions in the city:

    • Fairfax County Public Schools District – Fairfax County public schools consistently rank as some of the finest schools in the US. Public schools in Fairfax are administered by the Fairfax County Public Schools system, which is under a contractual agreement with Fairfax County.There are more than 180,000 students enrolled in the Fairfax County Public Schools system, making it the largest public school system in the Commonwealth of Virginia as well as the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area.
    • George Mason University – Located just south of Fairfax, George Mason University is known as the largest university in Virginia, with a student population of over 37,000 representing more than 130 countries. It is known for its excellent programs in law, creative writing, economics, business, and computer science.The university started in 1949 as an extension of the University of Virginia and was officially renamed to George Mason University in 1972, after several name changes. In recent years, the university renamed two of its campus buildings in honor of two Nobel Prize laureates who were former professors at the university.
    • Virginia International University – Virginia International University is a non-profit institution with a student-centered approach. The university aims to set a new standard in higher education and is committed to providing the most positive learning environment for students from all over the world.Programs offered by Virginia International University are structured to provide students with flexibility that allows them to forge their own path in their studies. To stay on pace with the latest developments in teachings and technology, the university’s curriculum undergoes frequent revisions and reviews, and instructors regularly receive further training as required.
  2. Robust EconomyNestled in central Fairfax County, the city of Fairfax offers easy access to all major points in and around the Washington D.C. metro area. The city boasts more than four million square feet of office space as well as three million square feet of retail space.Fairfax’s prime location gives college graduates a near-endless variety of employment opportunities to choose from. With Washington D.C. just under 30 minutes east of city limits, government jobs are the obvious choice, but the D.C. area – including Fairfax – has since developed into a thriving hub of entrepreneurship over the last several years.

    Almost every type of industry has a presence in the D.C. area, from technology to manufacturing, finance to healthcare, and more, making Fairfax an excellent place to start a career.

    In addition, Fairfax is without a doubt, one of the best places in the country for those looking to start a business. The presence of renowned colleges such as George Mason University provides growing companies with an outstanding workforce.

    • Commercial Development – Fairfax’s robust economy has allowed the city to enhance the redevelopment of Old Town Fairfax and the Route 50.29 Corridor, also known as Fairfax Boulevard. The city has committed over $40 million in infrastructure improvements in order to support private developments in these sections.
    • Fairfax Boulevard Corridor – The Fairfax Boulevard Corridor serves as the central hub of the city’s economy. Fairfax is currently developing an extensive revitalization plan designed to improve streets, landscaping, and construction of new residential and commercial buildings in the area.
    • Smart City Initiative – Fairfax County recently partnered with Smart City Works and Refraction for a regional project designed to accelerate and develop startups and tech talent in cities throughout the county. Through the initiative, the two organizations expect to mentor 85 companies that will generate more than 180 jobs in the next five years.
    • Incentive Programs – The City of Fairfax Economic Development Office and the Economic Development Authority offers several incentive programs throughout the year in order to attract more businesses to the city and to improve and cultivate economic growth in the area.
  3. Exciting Attractions and DestinationsLocals and visitors can experience the best of Northern Virginia right here in Fairfax! There’s a myriad of fantastic activities you can enjoy, whether you’re looking forward to visiting historic sites and museums with the kids, catching up with friends at a pub or a winery, or planning a family getaway for the next holiday.Ready to check out some of the best attractions and destinations in Fairfax, VA? Here are a few places you should visit:

    Ox Hill Battlefield Park
    4134 West Ox Road
    Fairfax, VA

    While most parts of the Chantilly battlefield have already changed due to new developments, a small park still preserves part of the battlefield close to the spot where Union General Phillip Kearney was killed in battle.

    Today, Ox Hill Battlefield Park serves as a serene oasis in the heart of a heavily commercial area. Visitors will be able to see monuments, signs, and interpretative kiosks providing information about the battle, along with insights into the lives of some of the men who fought in it.

    Civil War Interpretive Center at Historic Blenheim
    3610 Old Lee Highway
    Fairfax, VA

    Historic Blenheim is known for its abundance of Civil War inscriptions, with more than 122 pictographs, signatures, games, and thoughts written on the walls by Union soldiers when they occupied the Fairfax Court House from 1862 to 1863.

    Visitors can view the reproduced full-scale pictographs and wall inscriptions in the replica attic of the Civil War Interpretive Gallery. In addition to the featured gallery, the venue also hosts regular Civil War programs and showcases videos focusing on local Fairfax Civil War topics.

    Children’s Science Center Lab
    11948 Fair Oaks Mall
    Fairfax, VA

    The Children’s Science Center Lab is the first interactive museum in Northern Virginia where children can learn about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) concepts through a variety of fun and interesting interactive exhibits and activities.

    The Lab focuses on children from ages 2 to 12, and can also be used as a venue for birthday parties, field trips, summer camps, and other group activities.

    Fairfax Art League
    3999 University Drive
    Fairfax, VA

    The Fairfax Art League has promoted art and supported local artists in the community of Fairfax since it was established in 1986. The League organizes workshops, activities, and monthly meetings, and collaborates with galleries and commercial establishments to display artwork and host local art contests, demonstrations, and more.

    You can check out two galleries operated by The Fairfax Art League, one at the Village Gallery at 3950 University Drive and one at Old Town Hall at 3999 University Drive.

    These are just some of the many great places you can visit in the city of Fairfax! For more terrific attractions and destinations, take a look at this page.

  4. Top-quality Houses for Sale in Fairfax, VAThose searching for available homes for sale in Fairfax, VA will be able to choose from a variety of stylish and well-built real estate options.
    • Available PropertiesMost of the homes available in Fairfax are located in single-family home neighborhoods, although townhomes and condos in mixed-use developments are currently growing in number.Homebuyers will be able to find properties in a variety of elegant architectural styles including Colonial, split-level, ranch, contemporary, and more. Many homes are equipped with a range of first-class features including professional landscaping, designer patios, expansive gourmet kitchens with new appliances, gorgeous light-filled family rooms, bathrooms with exquisite tile work, oversized master suites, and many more.

      Residents in Fairfax also enjoy plenty of conveniences, as most homes in the area offer easy access to shops, restaurants, parks, commuter lots, and major highways.

    • Property PricesWith the city’s prime location and growing population, prices for homes are typically on the higher end of the spectrum, even for some smaller and older homes. However, even with the relatively high prices, the price per square foot is still considered lower than in Washington D.C., which makes the city a very desirable real estate market.
  5. Vibrant Downtown AreaFairfax’s downtown area is the city’s cultural hub, hosting a variety of festivals that cater to almost any type of interest, such as the Fairfax Fine Arts Festival in April and fall events such as Fall for the Book and the Fall Festival, which hosts hundreds of crafts merchants every fall.Whether you’re looking to satisfy your cravings, indulge in some retail therapy, or just want to explore Fairfax’s terrific downtown area, here are a few notable spots for you to visit:

    Old Town Plaza

    Old Town Plaza is a dynamic mixed-use development combining retail venues, restaurants, and sidewalk cafés in one scenic plaza setting. Located in the heart of the city, this terrific downtown destination features a pedestrian-friendly streetscape with outdoor café seating, spacious sidewalks, and a colorful assortment of boutiques, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

    21 Great American Bistro

    Looking to grab a bite? Be sure to drop by 21 Great American Bistro when you’re in the downtown area if you want to check out one of the top-rated restaurants in the city. Run by two renowned executive chefs, this outstanding restaurant takes pride in their passion for the finest ingredients, unmatched quality of service, and love for delicious food.

    21 Great American Bistro offers a full bar, extensive wine selection, and a changing dessert menu, and is open from Mondays to Saturdays for lunch and dinner.

    Historic Fairfax City Walking Tour

    Join the Historic Fairfax City Walking Tour to learn more about the city’s rich history and discover fascinating landmarks such as the William Gunnell House, Ford House, Historic Fairfax County Courthouse, Old Town Hall, Main Street, and more.

    Tours start at the old Fairfax Courthouse at 4000 Chain Bridge Road. Free parking is available for guests just across the street at the Bank of America parking lot. You can get in touch with the Fairfax Museum and Visitor Center at 703-385-8414 or 800-545-7950 for reservations and more info.

    If you’re looking for a place that offers the perfect blend between a small-town atmosphere and big-city amenities, then Fairfax, VA should definitely be on top of your list!

    The city has so much to offer, including top-quality education, terrific career opportunities, high quality of life, and many amazing destinations – you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better place where you can enjoy life!

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